I’m out...

So the day came for me to leave the resignation letter to The Crown, which is kinda crazy since the band idea was started by me, by approaching a cool-looking dude named Magnus at school back in 1990.
Late summer of 2013, if I recall it right, I headed towards Marko’s house with heavy steps. We had a long talk. This was of course no surprise to the guys, I had mentioned that I had gotten a job opportunity that would be a fantastic adventure for me and my family, but also at this point of my life, a little too much to handle if The Crown would also continue to be an active part of my life.
"So what now?” was the main topic of that evening, I think. (Back in Japan in the summer of 2013, after a show at the hotel room, I remember Marko’s surprised look when I suggested that he would do the drums for the new album when we speculated different outcomes depending on if I would get the job or not.) So this summer evening I explained again to Marko, that if they want a good new album, get a hired gun. But if they want a good new CROWN album, then Marko should do the drums.

So now, in July 2014, when I have heard the new album, mixed and mastered, it turned out to be the right thing to do. Marko did an amazing job on the album! And what an album! The guys also seem to have found a really, really talented drummer, Henrik Axelsson, for the cover songs on the album, and probably the future live shows, so The Crown will indeed continue with the killing!

So I guess this is thank you to the band, thank you to the fans for this ride! I hope this is not the very end, I hope the ride continues soon again!

// Janne Saarenpää